Darknet slower using Jetpack 4.4 (cuDNN 8.0.0 / CUDA 10.2) than Jetpack 4.3 (cuDNN 7.6.3 / CUDA 10.0)

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This is a mistake, I meant jetpack 4.3 … Somehow I can’t edit the post

cuDNN: 7.6.3 CUDA 10 with CUDNN=1 flag (jetpack 4.3):

Basicaly I flashed to jetpack 4.3 , did test, then erase everything and flashed to jetpack 4.4 and did the same tests.


So the performance without cuDNN is similar.
But with cuDNN drop from 16fps into 6fps, is that correct?

We are trying to reproduce this issue.
Will update more information with you later.


Yes this is what I experienced, a 10 FPS drop.

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Just want to keep you updated.

This issue can be reproduced in our environment with Xavier.
We are going to check which cuDNN call causes the performance drop.



Good to know ! Good luck ! No problem for now I’m sticking with Jetpack 4.3 ;-)


Hi, I have plan to test darknet with Xavier NX. I have found that there is only 4.4 DP for for Xavier NX. Is it possible that this issue still to Xavier NX?


We are working on this.
Will keep this topic updated once we solve this.


I am likewise experiencing ~40% performance drop using a different detection model, with efficientnet backbone and a customized Retina head.

Same problem on PyTorch 1.4
I am follow this page to install PyTorch:

I am testing the YOLOv5:

and found JetPack 4.4 inference time is about 0.25s
the JetPack 4.3 inference time is about 0.14s

Same to me, using our Mask_RCNN(tensorflow) based software on Jetson Xavier AGX.
With JetPack4.4 (not DP), the software do inference in 0.7FPS, while same software process in 1.6FPS with JetPack4.3.

Anything updated in this topic?


You can find some information in our cuDNN release notes.

Known Issues

  • The performance of cudnnConvolutionBiasActivationForward() is slower than v7.6 in most cases. This is being actively worked on and performance optimizations will be available in the upcoming releases.



I have the same problem and fps drops using jetpack 4.4 and cudnn.

Is there an updated version of cudnn available and how to install it on jetson?

Thank you.


Currently, our latest software is JetPack 4.4 product release which includes cuDNN v8.0.0.

Is the bug fixed in cudnn 8.0.2 and if yes, can I update the cudnn on the jetson?


I installed old version of cudnn over jetpack 4.4 and performance is fine again:

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my version is Jetpack 4.4
I have same issue(performance is slower than cudnn7).
So I want to down grade my cudnn version but I don’t know how to delete current cudnn package.
How do you reinstall cudnn7.6.5 without reflashing?

Cudnn 7.6.4 for arm: https://developer.nvidia.com/cuda-toolkit/arm
Installation: https://docs.nvidia.com/deeplearning/cudnn/install-guide/index.html

compiling darknet worked fine, I am just compiling opencv to check. [works]

Question: cudnn8.0.3 is released but I cant find a download for arm?

The ARM version for Jetson will be included in the next major JetPack release, please wait for our announcement.