Dashboard views

Hello, I have setup a Robotics Teaching Kit with Jet with the TX1 and am attempting to run through the example Demos. For one specific demo, face follower, the instructions read:

Face Follower
This example demonstrates how to use GPU accelerated HAAR
Cascade Classifiers, to detect and track a face. While running this
example, navigate to the dashboard in a webbrowser and select
/user/image1 from the Video Source dropdown.

However, there is no documentation or clues anywhere as to what address in the webbrowser to navigate to(or port as I am assuming it is the robots IP, but a port scan on that IP doesn’t reveal any clues either) . I have tried to navigate to /user/image1 in rqt and only receive a greyscale image. The image raw does work in rqt and the /image1 node is listed as running.

This answer is based on speculation since I don’t have experience with the web interface or the face follower demo and have not looked at the code.

Navigating to the web interface will be at the Robot’s IP address, as the user expected. It is almost guaranteed to be on port 80. If it’s not there, it’s probably just not running.

I would guess (this is just a guess!) that somewhere in the face following demo is a .launch file that should start a ros node that serves the web interface (or include another .launch file to do it), but for some reason that is not working, either because that web server ros node is crashing or because it is not being launched at all.