Data collection with drive px2

Hi all,
I am trying to collect data from a pointgrey camera,can messages (and LiDAR as well in the future) from the vehicle onto a drive px2. How do you store the information to an external ssd? I tried searching for pci_e interface to connect to a ssd but couldn’t find one on the drive px2. Is the USB 3.0 only way for data collection or am I missing some other method?

Dear akashbaskaran,

There is no PCI-Express interface on DPX2.
So yes, the USB 3.0 is only way for data collection.
Please refer to DriveWorks SDK Reference -> Tutorials -> Recording Sensor Data -> High Throughput Recording in DriveWorks doc. Thanks.

I am pretty new to the site and wasn’t able to find out where DriveworksSDK Reference is. Can you point me in the right direction.
Thank you.

Dear akashbaskaran,

Please see the link /usr/local/driveworks-1.2/doc/index.html on your host pc or DrivePX2. Thanks.