Data interface for LiDAR?

Our company is working on a new LiDAR system. We are doing our DSP and assorted algorithm execution on an FPGA and have most of it working. It would be helpful if we could output some data to a Jetson where we could perform matrix multiplications and other algorithm development type activities. It takes a long time to develop the implementation on the FPGA and would be much easier to write the code in C++ on the Jetson. In order to make this work I need a high throughput data interface to the Jetson and I need to have access to the data where I can run our algorithms I need something 10 Gbps or higher to make this work.

Is it possible to use the MIPI CSI-2 interface to transport generic data? Does anyone have an idea on how this could work? I am open to any of the other NVIDIA platforms if one of them has a transport I could use.

I don’t have any MIPI interface for LiDAR, but USB should be more quickly and low cost.
Have a reference to below.