Data Logging Performance with USB-3.0 on DrivePX2

I read this link(, I tried some test.

I have gmsl cameras of Sekonix and Samsung Portable SSD(2TB). I tried some tests and am asking you some questions, following the instructions in the link above.

When I set up 3 camera(RCCB-GMSL) and record raw data of cameras using Driveworks’s recording tool, acquiring performance is 18 fps (±3fps). But, according to the document, It have to be 30 fps.
[{1920(width) x 1208(height) x 2(raw) x 30(fps)} x (3 (camNum)) = 417.48MB ] -> Its result is less than expected mount(400MB ~ 500MB).

But, on my test, result was 18 fps. I am not sure whether I missed some options.
Is there a report about Data Logging with drivepx2 by nvidia?
I want to know analysis results about the data logging performance by the number of cameras.

Please check this.
Thanks you.

Dear kheo1772,

Did you use a USB hub to record it?
If yes, could you please re-try to record it without a HSB hub? Thanks.

Dear groot2,

I am in the same situation as you.

  • 2 camera(RCCB-GMSL) —> 30fps.
  • 3 camera(RCCB-GMSL) —> 18fps±3fps.

If you solved it, would you please tell me the solution.
I am using Micron SSD(Model:MTFDDAK512TBN) and USB-SATA converter for connecting to PX2.(not use a USB-hub)

Let me know if I can give you any other information.
Any information would greatly help.