Data loss with Jetson Xavier NX


I used the machine Jetson Xavier NX devkit.
I connected it with the LiDAR (64 line) and 2 Cameras and also 2 GNSS modules.
LiDAR connnected with ethernet cable, Camera connected with USB cable. GNSS connected also with USB cable.
Those sensors ran with the ROS drivers, I used the command “rosbag record …” to record all the ROS messages (ROS topics). And every time I recorded about 10 mins, then I suddenly found that there was always data loss. About more than 10 seconds to 20 seconds data loss(image loss and point cloud loss but all the gps data was recorded because the data was smaller?).

I felt confused that all the gps topic can be recorded but point cloud and image data are lost together(Image and point cloud always lose at the same time). So I am just wondering if it is the problem from the Jetson Xavier NX? Do you have any idea/solution for that? Thx !

Did you confirm recording each of them individually.
Also did you check if configure as MaxN power mode by nvpmodel?

Hi, I used the command: “rosbag record rostopic1 rostopic2 rostopic3 etc.” this command to record all of the rostopic…This command can record them individually but in the same rosbag. However, there are some data loss, I also tryed to save them in each individual rosbag but still have ros message loss… It was very strange because the topic which has small size can be recorded while the big size rostopic could be lost sometimes, do you have any idea about that? Thx~

For the power mode. I set the Jetson Xavier NX to be: Mode ID: 6, the Power budget is 20W, the Online CPU is 2, the CPU maximal frequency (MHz) is 1900. Do you think this mode is the max power mode or not? Or do you have any other suggestions?

Try online more CPU. You can check the /etc/nvpmodel.conf to know the detail of it.

Thx and I found it… Just a quetsion regarding the mode.
Because Jetson Xavier NX did not have MaxN mode, which mode id do you suggest to have the best performance:

Source: Jetson Xavier NX Series and Jetson AGX Xavier Series — Jetson Linux<br/>Developer Guide 34.1 documentation

From the table above it seems to be Imode id: 8 has the best performance. Do you have any idea about that? Thx!

Do you try model id 8?

Not yet, sorry because my Jetson Xavier NX with me right now.
However, I hope it can perform better than Mode id 6…

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