Datasheet for Jetson TX2 Ethernet controller

We need a detaile datasheet including register description for the TX2 integrated Ethernet controller. The Parker_TRM_DP07821001p.pdf file does not contain it.


Sorry that it is not revealed in TRM. May I ask why do you need the info of Ethernet controller.

One of our customers want to run our EtherCAT software on the TX2. For that purpose we need to create our own, real-time capable driver for this chip. In a first step we need to quote the customer and then, if customer decide to go forward using the TX2, need to create such driver. Without detailed datasheet and maybe also source code for Linux it may be impossible to go forward and customer may decide to use another CPU.

Hi Stefan,

May I ask what do you mean "by “real-time capable driver for this chip.”?

Is your goal to create a low-latency EtherCAT driver for Linux, or are you intending to port an RTOS to Jetson?

We are working on your request internally but would like to know your purpose.

Our EtherCAT software includes proprietary Ethernet drivers which are optimized to perform best regarding real-time. Customers run our software up to a cycle time of 100 microseconds. Thus CPU consumption is very critical. Also, our drivers do not use interrupts for performance reasons (IRQ handling is too time consuming). For Linux our driver is running in user mode, this can be achieved by using a specific kernel driver which enables our user mode driver to directly access the Ethernet MAC hardware.
When using the Linux native driver, cycle time may be limited to several milliseconds which is much too slow for all our customers.


Sorry that I am not quite familiar with EtherCAT. According to your comment, it seems you need to write a user-space ethernet driver and need to know how to directly program MAC or MII, is it correct?
How about the kernel driver? Would you also need to modify it?

The driver we have is already in “drivers/net/ethernet/nvidia/eqos” from our public kernel source.
Please refer to it first.

The kernel driver will have to be deactivated or removed.
We cannot write our own drivers without a detailed datasheet.
In case we do not get the datasheet we cannot go forward in this project.
The customer seems to urgently wait for a commercial quote from our side but without datasheet it is impossible.


We are still driving your request internally and will update to you once there is conclusion.

Can our kernel driver help your case if you are in urgent case?

Unfortunately not, we need the datasheet.


Sorry that I just confirmed we cannot release this document since it is actually from 3rdparty but not NVIDIA.

Design a carrier board yourself,and extend Ethernet by pcie,then you can modify the NIC driver for Ethercat. And you can test this idea using Nvidia’s carrier board with a pcie NIC.