Datasheet for Tegra X2 + audio interface

Can you add the datasheet for the Tegra X2 to the developer area? Mainly I just want to look at the new digital audio interface and any changes in the DSI/HDMI section.

Thank you

FYI, there is now a forum dedicated to the TX2 (a TX2 request might get lost on the TX1 forum):

Hi eric_engineer,

All TX2 related documents have been published in download center:

You should be able to find module datasheet, design guide …etc from there.


I have a copy of “TECHNICAL REFERENCE MANUAL NVIDIA Tegra X1 Mobile Processor” where is the same document for the X2 located? I am very familiar with the link you provided… and it is not there.

Hi eric, TX2 TRM will be public once it’s ready.

Hi Trumany,

do you have any estimate regarding the TX2 TRM release ? We are currently qualifying hardware fro a project, and only this document may give us the correct answers re. choosing a TX2.

Thanks in advance for your answer.

Best regards,
Emmanuel Poitier

Hi Trumany

i can’t find the TX2 TRM in nvidia download center.

could you give the information??

Hi etta,

The Parker Series SoC Technical Reference Manual has been published, you can download it from Embedded Download Center