DCV-01672-N2-GP Fan Specifications


I am working through a power budget for a system.

Although I should be asking coolermaster, I would like to know the specs for the fan that is attached to DCV-01672-N2-GP.

If someone has a heatsink with fan, probably if you remove the fan it will say the model on the underside.

If I get the answer sooner, I’ll post it here.

Thanks in advance.

Hi stephen, the fan is AFB0405MA-A, here is the spec link: http://www.delta-fan.com/Download/Spec/AFB0405MA-A.pdf

Thanks so much!!! :)


As per page 6, AFB0405MA-A is a 2 wire fan.

While it answered my question for the power requirements, regarding the specific part, is there a specific part number for the 4 wire version?


It’s AFB0405MA-AAQB.