DDR mem bct file

From this file mem bct is generated by t234_emc_reg_tool_P100.exe and have a parameter file “MT62F1G64D8EK_lpddr5_16CH_2R_32GB_3200.par”,so

question 1: where to get the tool t234_emc_reg_tool_P100 、parameter file “MT62F1G64D8EK_lpddr5_16CH_2R_32GB_3200.par” and how to use?

question 2: Where defined the total size of DDR, how it transfer to the linux guest and the detail?

We didn’t provide such tool and parameter info. Why asking these questions?

If a customer board use different DDR type or size, I do’nt know where to get the config file , where to define the DDR size and how to transfer to guest Linux

The first question to ask is why your customer is able to use different DDR type or size?

We don’t allow user to change the content inside a module.

You mean customer can only procurement the SIP design?can not use SOC and different DDR to design it self?

Yes, anything change inside the module will break the warranty of that Jetson module.

OK, Thanks !

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