DDR3 Memory Characterization Tool

In DDR3 Memory Characterization tool document, it is given as:

Parameter files are available for each qualified AVL device.
If system is using DRAM which is not in our AVL then use a pre-existing parameter files in ~\extras\param_files folder as a template to create new parameter file for the system.
New par file can be reviewed through NVBUG.

We are using the chip Micron MT41K256M16LY-107. Whether this chip is in AVL device list?
For this chip, parameter file is not available in directory ~\extras\param_files.
Whether need to create the parameter file by own?

Micron MT41K256M16LY-107 is in AVL (https://developer.nvidia.com/rdp/assets/tegra-k1-supported-component-list)
You can take parameter file of MT41K256M16HA in directory as reference to generate its own one.

Can I use Hynix H5TC4G63AFR_RDA chip’s (same speed 107) paramter file for this Micron chip?
Whether this will give any problem or any specific parameters need to be changed?

I don’t think this two parts can share parameter file as each DDR has its own settings, especially for two different vendors.

In parameter files, in “Tool options”, most of the fields values are DF.
Tried with -f and -p options and got the numerical values for these DF.

These values are slightly varying between the memory chips.
Whether Memory characterization tool supports this Micron chip and whether this
will convert the DF values to proper numeric values for this chip.
What is the use of these tool options?

Need to know that what are the chips are supported by this tool? and Whether based on JEDEC
standard, is it supported all the chips.

“Tool options” are some function related settings, for customer, no need to edit them, just follow page25 of “TegraK1_MemoryCharacterization_AppNote” in package to create parameter file by filling DRAM settings.

In parameter file, in tool options,
datapipe_ob_bypass3, datapipe_ib_bypass4 and dsr_th are varying
between the memory chips ( Hynix and Micron ).

What is the value, need to give for these parameters?

Any other parameters, need to be changed?

These 3 items are same DF in my package… could you please share the ones file name?

File names are: ddr3_256Mx16x4_H5TC4G63AFR_RDA.par and Micron_2GB_MT41K256M16HA_ddr3.par

Compared the files after getting the values of DF using the options -f -p in tool.

In parameter file, almost all timing values are DF. These DF values are replaced by
numeric values which is equivalent for both Hynix chip and Micron chip for the speed
1866 MT/S. Since these values are based on JEDEC standard, not based on specific chip.

So we may use the Hynix parameter file (speed need to be 1866 MT/S) for MT41K256M16LY chip.

Any suggestions?

The below values are different between the tool generated values (DF values) and Datasheet values
(Micron chip MT41K256M16LY):
First-> Tool generated values Second-> Datasheet values

tRL 14 13
tWL 10 9
tWTR 7 7.5
tDQSS 0 0.27
tCKEmin 5.59963 5
tRPAB 0 ??
dqs_pulld_th 2.994 ??
odt_th 0.5 ??
ctt_th 1 ??
tCKdll 4.2 ??
lpddr3_nWR_extended_to_four 0 ??
tDQSCKmin_DLLoff NA 1
tDQSCKmax_DLLoff NA 10

?? represents that this value is not in Datasheet.

Not all timing values are DF, such as tCKnom, tRP, tRASmin, tRASmax…etc, they are from specific chip datasheet. It is clear in table 6, page 25 of AppNote about that which can be DF or not.