DDR3L errata

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I think that there’s an errata in the DG-07508-001v03.
Indeed in the table 20 (Page 29/115) the balls (for DDR3L 3 & 4) for the signals UDQS/UDQS_L, UDM & LDQS/LDQS_L, LDM are swapped.

It’s actually “Table 21” ;)
I can confirm it has the following errors:

  • Table 21 of the TK1 design guide (DG-7508-001, v03, p29) has wrong values in the “DDR Ball #” column for the following net names (“DDR3L Net Name” column):

I’ve notified NVIDIA FAE about it so hopefully it will get fixed in the next revision of the document.

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Thanks for your feedback.

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I’m having some doubts about DDR3L with TK1 too.
It’s written we don’t need terminations on adresses, commands, reset… even on the DDR3L chip side ?

For the pinout thing the balls on Design Guide (DG-7508-001, v03) are not the same than the component on Jetson TK1 schematics revision 4.02… In the Design Guide it is said that we need to rely on “Jetson Development Platform Schematics Revision 4.03 or later” but we can’t access it… right ?

You’re right. Thanks for reporting it.

You’re right. The errors are fixed in the next revision of the Design Guide.
I expect it won’t take too long to post it.

Correct. ODT is off. It was based on memory characterization result with Jetson TK1.
If there’s no any special reason, we don’t need to enable ODT since turning on ODT will increase the power consumption.
DDR3L don’t have CA ODT anyway.

We’re working on releasing Jetson Schematics Revision 4.04.

grp62 :
Thank you for you response. So the version 4.03 won’t be available ?

Another question which don’t really stand with DDR3L but the chip part numbers have changed since the Jetson K1 release ?
In the Datasheet V01 it was refered as CD570M or CD580M and in the V02 we can only see the CD575M and CD575MI.
Is it intended to have a document which explain the differences ?

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I don’t see CD570M & CD580M in the Tegra_K1_Embedded_DataSheet_DS06472007v01.pdf

CD575M & CD575MI are only available correct SKU.

I’ve seen it on the DS-06742-001_v01.pdf but nevermind it was kind of sure CD575M & CD575MI were the good ones ;).

Thanks for your feedback.

Hi grp62 & cioma,

Jetson Schematics Revision 4.04 (OrCAD format) has been posted.

https://developer.nvidia.com/hardware-design-and-development -> Jetson TK1 Datasheet Orcad Schematics

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Where I can download Orcad DSN file of Jetson TK1 board but not PDF file,TKS.

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Hi Owenc,

This is the link for it: https://developer.nvidia.com/rdp/assets/jetson-tk1-datasheet-orcad-schematics

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