Deactivating Card Capabilities


I have a card that has display functions and CUDA functions. Is there a way to turn off everything except for CUDA code on my card? I don’t need it to do anything with video output and I’m running into all sorts of memory errors, even when I have nothing on the memory.


If you are seeing memory errors, it sounds like you might have a defective GPU.

What operating system is this, and how are you testing for memory errors?

I’m actually writing kernels and running them in Matlab. Matlab returns “UNKNOWN CUDA MEMORY ERROR”. I was actually running it with an ATI card as the display card, so I took it out and it seems to be working fine now. This is kind of why I wanted to turn the display functions off. I still would like to use the ATI card for my 4 monitor display, but I think there’s some communication issues between the ATI and Nvidia card (which I did expect).


Driver conflicts. How fun.

I’ve managed to get cuda working on a mixed vendor system, but it’s rather sensitive. Try switching the cards’ slots on the motherboard. Also, try installing drivers in a different order (i.e. if you were installing the Nvidia driver first, try the ATI one first). Also, the card you plug the monitors into matters, though in my case, I had to use the ATI one to drive the monitors. I had to try several different configurations and installation orders before I could get it to work, but in the end it did.