Deactivation of the Visual Studio Plugin possible?

Hi there!

I noticed a rather significant slowdown in the c# debugging after installing the Nsight Tegra Visual Studio Edition.
Is is possible to deactivate the plugin without deinstalling?

Thanks in advance!

So far there’s no way to disable it except to uninstall. But it should have no way to slow down C# debugging. Would you please give little bit more details of the scenarios? Thanks.

Well I solved it by installing VS 2012 and debugging the project there without any slowdown.

It was just an assumption, considering Nsight is the only change I’ve made to my VS2010.

As for the scenario: I’m debugging a C# project based on the Neoaxis engine (Ogre Based) - basically the program isn’t responsive ad runs at very low framerates when I start the debugging from VS 2012. This is a new issue - it worked fine before and it works fine on VS2012.

If you say there’s no way NTVSE causes that issue, I’ll just assume it’s caused by something else - whatever that may be =D

Thank you =)

After I installed Cuda 11.1 yesterday, Visual Studio 2019 got so slow. It can’t process anything. So I removed Nsight Extension, now Visual Studio works properly.