Dead link for downloading TLT converter

In the latest Isaac SDK (2021.1) we were able to follow this tutorial:

Got to the very end of the Jupyter notebook where it says this:

B. Generate TensorRT engine

Verify engine generation using the tlt-converter utility included with the docker.

The tlt-converter produces optimized tensorrt engines for the platform that it resides on.
Therefore, to get maximum performance, please copy the executable from the docker at
/opt/nvidia/tools/tlt-converter, along with the exported .etlt file and calibration cache (for int8 mode) to your target device and run the utility as mentioned in the sample command below. The converter utility included in this docker only works for x86 devices.

For the jetson devices, please download the converter for jetson from the dev zone link here."

Unfortunately the link to download the TLT converter version 8.21 is dead. Where can this be downloaded now ?

The link used to point to:

Since nobody answered here, I reposted the question here: