Deb packages for Ubuntu 22.04

When is the deb packages for Ubuntu 22.04 available on ?


I think when cuda 11.6 update 3 is out

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cuda 11.7 is out
and the first time in history, open source kernel linux
# Release Notes

  • driver version bump 515.43.04 (Linux) 516.01 (Windows)
  • With CUDA 11.7 and R515 driver, NVIDIA is open sourcing the GPU kernel mode driver under dual GPL/MIT license. Installation Guide Linux :: CUDA Toolkit Documentation
  • Lazy Loading: Delay kernel loading from host to GPU to the point where the kernel is called.
  • Grid private constants
  • NVCC host compiler support for clang13
  • Support for CentOS 8 is now removed from the CUDA Toolkit and is replaced by Rocky Linux 8.
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cuDNN is not yet updated accordingly, though.


It’s still not in the repository. Is there a reason for that?

I need cuDNN because otherwise my c++/pytorch project is not building. I’ll try to use the tar version, but a package would be more comfortable.


Indeed, it would help a lot !

has there been any updates regarding this? Specifically cudnn drivers associated with Ubuntu 22.04 (x86_64)?