Debbuger Setup & NcCudaDebuggerInjection.dll throws access violation

I am on Windows 10 with GT 730 Compute 3.5 Driver 473.81 (Latest available for GT 730). I have Visual Studio 2022. Installed Toolkit 11.8 and can compile and run matrixMul example with VS 2022 without any problem. But when it comes to debugging (with CUDA debugger (Next-Gen)) I got access violation when ever a CUDA function called like cudaGetDeviceCount. You can see the error below.

I also want to use VS Code for CUDA development but my problems with it will be another question.

Thank you for your help.


Ok a new update. I find that there are two NvCudaDebuggerInjection.dll and when I renamed the one under Host64/target/windows/x64 it worked. But now it wont stop at break points which are pointing the code that rung on GPU.

So I figured out that when I renamed both files it still works but does not debug gpu code.