Debian Jessie no directory /emul/ia32-linux

I recently did a complete wipe of my system to get a fresh start and a new look on life. Unfortunately, this has lead me to a bit of a problem. Jessie is currently running 3.11-2 for the kernel which means I need the new 331.20 driver.

The driver installs and works no problem except for the 32 bit compatible libraries, which I need to game with steam which is the only reason I need the nvidia drivers in the first place. When it comes to the 32 bit installation it tells me that “the top level chroot directory ‘/emul/ia32-linux’ does not exist. Would you like to install them anyways”.

Jessie is completely multiarch supported and there is no need for the ia32 libraries. How do I get around this and have the libraries properly inside of the root directory instead?

Thanks for the help.