[Debian] xinit doesn't detect screen with last drivers (355.11) on geforce 710m and 740m (optimus)

Hello everyone
I have a laptop running debian jessie and i have a optimus combo hd4000/gt710m
WIth repo drivers (an ultra old 340) it works, but i would like to update then, but when i do (wirth experimental repos or official .run) xinit don’t work (no screens found)
I am not alone with this, a friend has the same trouble, with his 740m.
I used a little script named sgfxi
with this, xinit seems to work (i hear skype starting up) but the screen freeze on startx messages… when i switch ttys and come back, it still freeze with the last tty.
But since then i wasnt able to get a x server working. Unnstalling nvidia drivers doesnt still get a no screen detecting error, that’s why i can’t include a bug treport for now.
Can you help me? Thanks

Update : the freezing porblems appears when you switch in xorg config file Driver : “nouveau” to driver “nvidia”, using “nvidia-current” doesnt work