Debug adapter & Tools for TX1

Hi Guys,

I would like to know what exact debug adapter + tools environment you use with the TX1?

I swore to my self in the 1990’s that the “printf and blinky” way was a thing of the past but yet it find myself with this as my only option right now and it’s a waste of time (compared to having a proper debug adapter that can view registers, variables etc.)

I’ve seen previous threads here where people talk about a Lauterbach - I’m fine with going expensive, especially when my time is precious but I have to know that it will work 110% before I want to put my hard earned money down on an expensive adapter.

What about OpenOCD is this doable at all?

I’m unfamiliar with Cortex-A series debugging (tools, adapters etc.) but have worked a lot on Cortex-M with Segger and KEIL tools and adapters.

Any pointers are greatly appriciated

Me too looking for a solution with openocd. I recently bought a Flyswatter2 JTAG.
I believe that it is possible to do that since arm64 bit support is under development.(armv8)
If some one already tried with Jestson tk1 , please let me know.

I have a flyswatter2. I tried getting it to work on a TK1 and could not do it. At the time (TX1 and TX2 did not yet exist) I know some of the NVIDIA engineers had tried to get this to work as well and could not.

I think its still possible. Arm64 bit support is still progressing
if it can support cortex A8 and A9 and A53 why not A15? Is there any HW limitation prevent us from supporting it? if NVidia can give some pointers or results of previous work, it will be great.

at least some minimal configuration to get the start or some configuration for other board which is having A15 is also great.