Debug Cocos2d-x v3.2 with Genymotion

I installed Nsight Tegra for Visual Studio 2012. I then setup a Cocos2d-x project according to this thread

Then I start a Genymotion Simulator (Version 2.2.2) and hit Debug in Visual Studio. Everything compiles fine, then the Status Dialog pops up:

If I fire up an Android Emulator with armeabi-v7 image, I can step through the code and everything is fine, but it’s awfully slow.
Genymotion is a lot faster but I think it has something to do with the x86 image? (Btw. to get the .apk running on Genymotion (without debugging), I followed these steps: )

Any help would be great…


hi maecky,
we suggest you using tagra-based devices to debug. simulator is not guaranteed.