Debug With Intel Integrated Gpu + Geforce

Hi, i’m working on my graduation thesis, it’s a network simulator for Linux that exploit GPGPU.
Since my old laptop has not a Cuda capable device, I’m using a remote server of my university which has got a GeForce as gpu. The problem is that I can’t do debug on it, because the server has a single gpu (my prof also runs X on it :biggrin:), and often the connection is unreliable.
So i’m willing to buy a cheap laptop/desktop for Cuda developement. I see that many PCs ship with an integrated intel GPU and a dedicated GeForce… the question is: can I use the integrated gpu as video out and do debug on the GeForce? I know this is possible in Windows but I do need Linux for this project… It would be perfect if I could use the new Nsight Eclipse edition to debug… is it possible?
Thanks :smile: