Debugger available (soon)?
Says: gdb debugger for the GPU (alpha available in March, 2008)

This would cut down drastically the time I need to solve brown-paper-bag-bugs (3 days last week for 1 small, small typo…)

So, the question is, when will it be available? ;)

I think Denis is not the only one that is interested in this debugger. Jordy is also very interested in the debugger. And with us many more :P

Hopefully we get it soon, but we don’t want NVIDIA to rush out a buggy debugger, now do we ;) CUDA 2.0 was a little behind schedule, so maybe the debugger is too.

What is a gdb debugger and what are brown paper bag bugs?

gdb is the gnu debugger. It is the standard debugger on linux.

I assume a brown paper bag bug is one that is so simple it makes you want to hide your head in a brown paper bag :)

In other words, once you spent 2 days looking for a wrong memory access that would be obvious, and that you find it out within 30s using gdb, you just can’t live without it anymore.

Actually, profiling and debugging is a real issue with CUDA (among many others), for instance i don’t know if any of you have tried valgrind on CUBLAS… i don’t know if it is possible that we ever get the proper hooks to get a decent support of valgind without nvidia to disclose too much information :/

You can suppress undefined value errors in valgrind.

–undef-value-errors=no|yes check for undefined value errors [yes]

That’s the only issue I’ve noticed when using valgrind with CUDA.

Oh no, I don’t want to rush them at all. Just got triggered by another website stating there was a debugger. So when I checked the NVIDIA page, I got curious about the status :)