Debugger for CUDA 3.2 on Windows XP

Hi folks

Does anyone know if there is a debugger for CUDA3.2 on Windows XP?

I see Parallel Nsight, but they probably don’t support OS Windows XP.
And from CUDA3.1 , there is no Emulation mode any more.

Any input is appreciated.


CUDA Toolkit 3.2 works with VS2008 SP1 and C++. I’ve tested nvidia samples. Everything is OK. But got problems with CUDA.NET 2.37 and 3.0. I couldn’t compile *.cu file from the post-built command line.

Hi mail_gy

Thank a lot for your input. Just to make it clear, did you say the emulation mode is still available for CUDA Toolkit 3.2 works with VS2008 SP1 and C++?


Sorry, I don’t know, what does it mean “emulation mode” in context of CUDA. I would be glad, if you explain me. I have just started learning CUDA. I only wrote that VS compiled all CUDA samples successfully and I could go into the CUDA functions during debugging in VS. I have real videocard GeForce 9600 GS on my notebook.

Okay. With standard mode, you are not able to debug into the kernel function (you probably only debugged into the .cu file that calls the kernel). An “emulation mode” is a CPU “simulating” the GPU program running so the debugger can step into the kernel function (actually runs in CPU instead of GPU in standard mode).

Yes, you are right. I couldn’t go inside the kernel function during debugging. And does CUDA 3.0 and 3.1 have the Emulation mode?

CUDA 3.2 doesn’t have either. But CUDA 3.0 does. So I addressed this problem by using CUDA 3.0 in my laptop to debug in Emulation mode (So I can work at anywhere to program), and then do further optimization of the code in my work desktop.

In my opinion, emu mode cannot show all the problems in the code. Even if the code run well in emu mode, sometimes it might have some bugs when it runs on GPU

Yes, but at least it shows some problems in the code.

Emu mode is good for catching algorithmic bugs, it won’t help in catching synchronization bugs. The problem is that with a single video card (laptop, most desktops) or with windows xp, there is no way to debug CUDA without emu mode.

There is an option that might work though although I haven’t tested it out yet. It may be possible to run the CUDA code over gpuocelot on the CPU and debug using that

I think that it has a windows version now.

Have a look at:

In fact, my desktop have only one video card with windows xp, but I can debug CUDA without emu mode.