Debugger injection failed On MI 3

Debugger injection failed
Can’t find process

Starting ADB server, please wait…
Scanning for devices…
Device Product Model: MI 3
Detected current device is running Android KitKat
Located 32-bit driver libraries in /system/lib/egl/
Waiting for the device to become available
Checking If adbd has root permission
Waiting for the device to become available.
Rooted device
Querying instrumentation property.
Checking debugger status…
Host supports 32-bit graphics debugging
Graphics debugger is enabled.
Scan for devices complete.
Unsetting property
Launching com.example.jacktao.myapplication/.MapsActivity
Scanning process…
Injecting debugger…
Debugger injection failed
Can’t find process

adbd is already running as root is OK
uid=0(root) gid=0(root) context=u:r:shell:s0 is OK
adb remount succeeded

My android os: 4.4.4

my app is crash right now, but you can see waiting for debugger’s dialog


If I remember correctly, Mi 3 is not Tegra-powered device, which is not guaranteed to work with TGD.

MI3 have Two version

China mobile is based tegra-4


Thanks for your reply.
Unfortunately, Tegra-4 platform is not supported anymore.
Supported Target Platforms:

  • Tegra X2/X1/K1 64-bit Developer Kits
  • Jetson TX2/TX1/TK1 Development Kits

thanks, let me think, another version is the same problem, not connect