Debugger starts (or attaches to) process, but execution is halted

I’m trying to debug an existing apk ( using Visual Studio. I’m able to launch the apk from Visual Studio and attach the debugger, but the app becomes stalled early in its life cycle. Visual Studio believes the app is running, as the “Start Debugging” option is greyed-out.

I found an option in the debug configuration to, “Suspend on Launch” and disabled it. This allowed my program to begin executing native code (previously it was stalled immediately after launch). However, I’m still unable to reach the first point of user interaction.

Something similar occurs when I attach the debugger to an existing process. I attach the debugger at the first point of user interaction and am able to successfully interact, but program execution appears to stall shortly afterward. If I stop the debugger, program execution will resume.


Does this problem reproduce on a Android Hello World Demo project?

No, it does not occur on the default Hello World Demo project.

Well, in that case I’m afraid we would need a repro sample for the problem. I’ve sent you a private message so we can discuss it further.