Debugging a WPF application which uses DX11 as well

I am currently evaluating whether or not to use DirectX 11 for one heavy rendering task in a desktop application written in C# and using WPF for presentation itself.

However for this to make any sense, I need a way to actually debug the rendering (not the WPF part, but my calls to the various DirectX 11 COM objects), however neither the integrated graphics debugger in visual studio 2012, nor parallel Nsight 2.2 seems to be able to do this out-of-the box.

Did anybody ever attempt this / has any knowledge of how this can be achieved?

Starting a WPF application, for example the SharpDX WPF application with Nsight brings up the message that the application is using DX9 and thus, cannot be debugged. Well this is right, however only partially. I want to debug the calls the application makes to DX11.

Debugging managed applications is not officially supported.

You might be able to achieve this by separating the DirectX 11 logic into its own library, and then create a non-WPF test project to debug it.

Thanks for your answer.

I will try to create an Application which uses Winforms instead and report back.