Debugging an application with parameters


I’m currently trying to debug an application using pgdbg in text mode.

Here is my command:
pgdbg -text rams -f RAMSIN.hist

-f specify a filename

Here is the result using that command:
Missing -f argument

So i tried using double cote as following:
pgdbg -text rams “-f RAMSIN.hist”

The debugger starts but my application can’t find the file (RAMSIN.hist) specified with -f parameter.

Same result using an absolute path for my RAMSIN.hist path.

What is the proper way to use pgdbg in that case ?


Hi nnaudier,

What does the file RAMSIN.hist contain? Is it commands for the debugger or commands for your executable?

“-f” is not a supported swtich for x86 based processors and it appears to be an oversite that PGDBG accepts it.

Sorry for the confusion,

RAMSIN.hist is commands for my executable.
-f is for my executable.

To pass commands to your exe, first start the debugger using “pgdbg -text rams”, then from the pgdbg command prompt type “run -f RAMSIN.hist”. More detailed information about using PGDBG can be found in the PGI Tools Guide.

  • Mat

Thank you for your quick answer.