Debugging CUDA 3.1 on Windows XP VS2005 or 2008


I have tried to install paralell nsight on windows XP for debugging GPU code on VS2008, but it said that my SP version is too old to installing it. Is there any application in which you can debug GPU code on windows XP with VS2005 or VS2008, because I’m doing an algorithm using CUBLAS and I’m cheking the results with matlab, and they are diferents and I don’t know where is my fail.

The out of my code is very similar from matlab, but elements of array are in the wrong position. Like this.

On matlab:
15.0000 + 1.0000i
16.3000 + 1.5000i

On my own CUDA implementing cublasCgemv():

-1.000000 + 15.000000i
-1.500000 + 16.299999i

Thanks in advanced.