Debugging CUDA on Ubuntu Linux Is use possible?

Is it possible to run the CUDA Linux debugger on Ubuntu 8.04? I know that it says it is only specified to be used on the Redhat version, but Ubuntu is the most popular
Linux version and somebody should know whether or not it can be profitably used on Ubuntu 8.04.


James M. Yunker

The debugger is only supported on RHEL5. Support for additional Linux distributions will be added in a future release (however, not in CUDA_2.2).

I’m not clear how you determined that Ubuntu is “the most popular Linux version”, or what defines popularity.

I just installed the RHEL5 version in Ubuntu 8.10 yesterday. I had to create a symbolic link for /usr/lib/ -> /usr/lib/ The cuda-gdb needed the older version of the library, but since v1 is backwards compatible (and the old libexpat deb packages used to make the link themselves) I dont think its too “hacky” to get things working.

Same fix worked for me on Ubuntu 8.10.