Debugging Custom Board

Hi, we are developing a custom carrier board mostly based on the evaluation kit but with 6 cameras but have been facing some difficulty such as usb, hdmi, SATA and PCIe enable signals not being sent by the Jetson and also not receiving any clock on the camera connectors.

We have forced the enable signals using external power supplies to verify that the functionalities are there and they work fine when we do that.

I would be grateful if you could guide me to

  1. Where to find information about the enable signals or any pin status and to see why they are turning on
  2. where to find information on the clock signals and why they are also not being generated.

Best Regards,


Please check below document first.

For usb, sata and pcie, please refer to

For hw design, please refer

HDMI should have nothing to do with the configuration of usb,sata, pcie.