Debugging on Fedora 8 The gpu does not have hardware deubuggin support!

I have a Tesla C870 on a Fedora 8 machine and I have installed the latest drivers and the debugger. I know that the debugger has only been tested on RHEL 5.xx.

In any case I wanted to see if it would work on my computer. I can start the debugger and set breakpoints in my kernel but I when I run the kernel I get the messages:

[indent]CUDA-GDB: the GPU does not have hardware debugging support
fatal : GPU initialization by target debug layer failed
Do you think it has to do with Fedora, because this is not what the message implies. I have also checked and Tesla C870 supports device debugging.

G80(C870) doesn’t support the debugger. Where did you read otherwise?

I quote from nVidia’s document that talks about the debugger:

[indent]Debugging is supported on all CUDA-capable GPUs with the exception of

GeForce 8800 GTS, GeForce 8800 GTX, GeForce 8800 Ultra, Quadro FX 4600,

and Quadro FX 5600.[/indent]

Does this imply the C870?

Debugging is not supported on the C870–requires Compute 1.1 or later.

Yes, [C/D/S]870 is 8800GTX with more memory.