Debugging on Pascal (GTX 1080) - Code not running

When trying to debug a kernel using breakpoints Visual Studio just shows “Code not running”, “The current thread is not currently running code or the call stack could not be obtained”.

Visual Studio 2013, CUDA Toolkit 8 RC
Graphics Driver 368.69
Code generation set to compute_61,sm_61
WDDM TDR Delay is set to 60.
Working directory is set to $(LocalDebuggerWorkingDirectory) which should be fine.

Is this expected behaviour for the Toolkit 8RC on a GTX 1080? Or could it be a problem with my project setting etc.?


I think it’s nsight’s issue, currently nsight doesn’t support debugging cuda kernel on Pascal, we are working on this feature, you can see it on next release.

Best Regard

Hi, I think the latest Nsight 5.2 should support Cuda debugging on Pascal.