Debugging PVF from Mixed C#/FORTRAN solution

I’ve got a VS 2012 solution that contains a Windows form startup project and includes multiple C# and FORTRAN projects as well; they are set up as dependencies in the solution.

The FORTRAN projects are DLL projects. Right now I have a custom build step that copies the .dll to the debug folder of the startup project and this works reasonably well overall.

I am not able to “step into” the FORTRAN code when it is called by the C# routines. Is there a way to configure VS to allow interactive debugging of the FORTRAN routines?

Hi Hank,

In a single debug session, you can debug the C# code or you can debug the Fortran code but you can’t debug both. That’s why you can’t “step into” a Fortran routine from a C# one. Different debug engines are used for the two languages and they can’t be in use simultaneously.

You should be able to debug in the Fortran code, though, by designating the PVF project to be the StartUp project and setting its Debugging | Application Command property to the full path to the application to be launched. These steps cause the PVF debug engine to be used for debugging. That said, I don’t believe this feature is working correctly. When I tried a test case, debugging appeared to hang. I have opened TPR #19725 for this problem.


Thanks for the info … I’ll wait for an update before I try again!