Debugging python probe: debuggers won't stop


I am working DeepStream 6.2 with the python bindings.
I would like to debug a python probe. I placed breakpoints using PyCharm but the debugger doesn’t stop.
Is there anyone who figured out a way to debug the python probes?

Thank you

I see other people had the same issue

Basically, we add log info in the source code directly to debug. There may be some configuration issues with your Pycharm or it cannot support gst-python debug. You can ask the problem in the gst-python github.

Try using breakpoint(). Using vs code debugger works.

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Hey @szymko1995 , what do you mean exactly by that? Is it a specific function that can be imported? If yes, from where?

Substitute the vs code breakpoint marker with breakpoint() above the line you want your code to stop. You don’t need to import anything. It’s built-in. PEP 553 – Built-in breakpoint() |

The problem is that as of now I am working with PyCharm. I am currently connecting via SSH to a docker container running remotely.
Do you know of any solution that could work with PyCharm as well?
I’ll see if there’s a similar breakpoint() function for PyCharm as well. Not sure if that’s native Python or a VS code feature.

EDIT: actually it seems that breakpoint() is a function since Python 3.7 so it should work with DS 6.2 which uses Python 3.8. I’ll try and update you.

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There is no update from you for a period, assuming this is not an issue anymore. Hence we are closing this topic. If need further support, please open a new one. Thanks

Thanks for your feedback. Waiting for your update.

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