Debugging with PGDBG a Fortran 95 code

Hello everybody,

I’m a very “fresh” user of PGDBG , I’m only at the stage of reading the PGDBG Tools Guide to understand how it’s working and I just read that for Fortran codes it doesn’t accept the operators .eq. , .ne. , … and that we have to use instead the C basic operators < , = , and so on.

Does anybody know if this is true? Cause I have a huge paralell MPI code and I wouldn’t like to spend time for nothing changing the operators if this is not true.

Thanks in advance for your answers.

Hi abelme,

I think you’re confusing the PGDBG syntax for conditional events with that of your program’s syntax. PGDBG can read and debug Fortran syntax (i.e .eq., .ne., etc.) and does not require you to change your source. Only for setting conditional events within PGDBG, do you need to use C-like operators.

Hopefully this clarifies things, but if not, let me know what text in the PGI Tool’s Guide is causing the confusion.

  • Mat

Thanks a lot! And sorry for my "inapropiate’ question , and for my poor knowledge in PGDBG