Declaration of Double Precision in Shared Memory

I’m trying to declare a 2D array of doubles in shared memory using the code below:

[codebox]shared double uSHMEMM[10][10];[/codebox]

I’m not having much success and want to know if it’s my declaration that’s wrong or if I need to look through the rest of my kernel. Cheers.

What does that mean? Doesn’t compile? Compiles but kernel doesn’t launch? Compiles, kernel launches, but results are wrong?

The declaration itself looks innocuous enough, but there isn’t a lot of context to say more than that.

Compiles but the results are incorrect. I don’t think it’s the declaration, I’ve done a couple of basic tests (moving data to/from the shared memory and checking for consistency within the data once it’s been moved). A five point stencil operation seems to be causing the problems, I’m working my way up to it by starting with 2 point averaging.