Decode Min/Max Frequency Range?

Hi All,

Referencing this section of Nano spec “For low power operations, the video decoder can operate at the lowest possible frequency while maintaining real-time decoding using dynamic frequency scaling techniques”.

So the question is what is the decoder frequency range?


Please check


There are no such files on the jetson nano and also the path doesn’t exist.

The nodes are for TX2. Will update the nodes for Jetson Nano.

On Jetson Nano, please check dvfs table:

# cat /sys/kernel/debug/tegra_dvfs/dvfs_table | grep nvdec
nvdec             268.8  268.8  384.0  448.0  486.4  550.4  576.0  614.4  652.8  678.4  691.2  691.2  716.8

It is in MHz.