Decoding two H264s at the same time will cause the decoding time to increase?


When two videos are hard decoded and played at the same time, the decoding time increases. One video decoding time is usually 0ms~3ms; However, if you pull up two processes to decode the video at the same time, it will take 100ms to 200ms to decode

RTX 2070
WIN 11
nvidia-smi 512.52,driver version 512.52 cuda version 11.6

You mean like when Chrome has two videos HW decoded?

I modified the demo(Video_Codec_SDK\Samples\AppDecode\AppDecD3D), support rtsp video input, rtsp fixed resolution 1920x1080;
Start two programs to play two videos simultaneously
AppDecD3D.exe rtsp://
AppDecD3D.exe rtsp://

When only one video is played, the video is smooth, and the decoding time(dec.Decode()) is generally 0ms~4ms;

If the two videos are opened at the same time, the decoding time and printing will be more than 170ms from time to time, resulting in the video display stutter

Hi happy886, it would help tremendously if you could share your code modifications so we could check what might be going wrong.

Also, being a sample app, I am not sure the sample is coded with concurrent runs in mind, so it might miss necessary optimizations in the first place.