Decrease the fps of the input video in Deepstream


I was wondering if there is a way to input a video with let’s say 30 fps to Deepstream pipeline but downsample it to 10 fps, so it means the pipeline does the object detection analytic every 3 frames?


What kind of video source you are using? Local video file or stream video(such as RTSP stream)?What is the video format? Raw data or compressed video(such as h264). In DeepStream, only hardware video decoder nvv4l2decoder can drop frames with “drop-frame-interval” property.

I am using RTSP with H264 encoding. Thanks for the link, just one question does that mean I can do this by modifying the “C/C++” codes of the decoder module?

This is just a change in your application to set this property of nvv4l2decoder plugin. No need to modify nvv4l2decoder itself.

I see, thanks a lot.

I believe in the config file of your application you can change the “interval” parameter in which 0 means detect in every frame and 10 means detect once in 10 frames.

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By the way, if you’re dealing with raw video, you can drop frame rate by using a pad probe that returns GST_PAD_PROBE_DROP.

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