Deep Learning for Automated Driving with MATLAB

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Figure 1. Car approaching a vehicle in an intersection. You’ve probably seen headlines about innovation in automated driving now that there are several cars available on the market that have some level of self-driving capability. I often get questions from colleagues on how automated driving systems perceive their environment and make “human-like” decisions. The autonomous car…

Hi Avinash and Arvind. Can I get both of your email? Or can you email me? I'm eager to ask and discuss something related to autonomous vehicles. Here is my email : or

Hi Avinash and Arvind.

I am conducting an experiment using R-CNN and Fast R-CNN on several datasets in MATLAB. I wish to automate my Ground Truth labeling process using an algorithm that is based on the R-CNN detector or the Fast R-CNN detector. Please kindly assist. My e-mail address is:, thank you.

I would recommend looking at the help which has a few examples of how to use a custom automation algorithm. To do so type "doc driving" or "driving" demos in MATLAB.

How do we get access to the "vehicleDataset" dataset. The code provided works but impossible to go further. Or how do we build our own dataset?