Deep learning institute course download latex or pdf


Im getting a nbconvert failed: Pandoc wasn’t found. While trying to download from a deep learning institute course notebook to .tex or pdf.
This used to just work and i do have pandoc and nbconvert installed. but im pretty sure this problem is on Nvidia’s side.


Hi Jason,

Where are you seeing this error? On a command line, or as a result of a menu item in the notebook interface? In which course is this occurring?

Hey justin,

Its a result of a menu item in the notebook interface. File–>download as—>> latex or pdf.
Its happens with all courses as far as i can tell and it used to work up untill a couple of months ago.


Thanks Jason. I’m not sure what happened here; it may be that the notebook packages no longer require Pandoc. We’ll need to address the broken menu item. For the time being, I’d suggest downloading the notebook (as .ipynb) and running nbconvert from the command line, locally.