Deep Learning Institute DLI "Payment Authorization Failed"

I was able to purchase two courses this morning and then when I went to purchase my third course I’ve been getting the “Payment Authorization Failed” error.

I’ve tried multiple courses, different credit cards, paypal, different browsers & different computers. Is anyone else having these issues when purchasing a course?

Today I’m getting “Sorry, there was a problem with your request”

Is there something wrong with my account or are things broken?


The team that handles these transactions says they made a change to the system this morning to address this issue. Can you try again to see if you still encounter the same problem?

Taylor, DLI Platform

Everything is working again! Was able to purchase the courses.

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Hello, I am trying to make a payment since more than a week and I am unable to make it.
First there was a problem with the zip code, I had to put a US adress to go through and now it tells me “Payment Authorization Failed”. I’ve tried multiple card and it doesn’t change. Could you help to go through it?