Deep Sleep Wake Interrupt problem in TX1

In OEM file, in 3.7 Deep Sleep Wake Considerations capture, it said that Touch controller interrupt GPIO6_TOUCH_INT can be a signal to wake up, but when I use R24.2.2 and I make TX1 sleep using sudo pm-suspend, and I try to give a 1.8V signal to GPIO6_TOUCH_INT, but TX1 still sleep. and I use USB connect to wake up it, it successes.
so i am confused that whether i need to modify kernel to make this wake event interrupt works, or i miss something else to do. if anyone can help me?

hello Chad_Ding,

this pin control definition is in the kernel driver.
could you share the steps that you’re making the TX1 enter sleep and commands to trigger the GPIO6_TOUCH_INT.

Steps are show as following:

  1. sudo pm-suspend
    by this command, TX1 enter sleep
  2. Add 1.8V voltage in pin (GPIO6_TOUCH_INT)
    by this operate, TX1 is still in sleep mode

so i want to know if I can simply add voltage in GPIO6_TOUCH_INT to change mode from sleep into normal.

hello Chad_Ding,

sorry for late reply.
could you please verify this again with JetPack 3.2 Developer Preview.