Deep Stream Course JupyterLab: How to Tell if C270 Web Camera is Working?

I am on the camera setup module of this JupyterLab where you plug in the highly-recommended Logitech C270 USB camera and reboot. It is not clear if the camera is working or not and I see no indication on the JupyterLab console indicating this either way. This section is very spare on information. I tried the CLI restart of the service using “sudo systemctl restart nvargus-daemon” and saw no difference after rebooting. The camera itself seems to have no indicator lights or any way of telling it is working or not. Can you please clarify this step? What is meant by “execute a cell to run my camera”? Thank you in advance.

Please refer this for camera setup
tab Camera Setup

for running with camera, check JupyterLab first, it will run from there,
tab Hello Camera; tab JupyterLab

tabs in the top of the page, put your mouse over it, the text shown.

Where do you think I just was, trying to figure this out? This is exactly the place that I am stuck because as I tried to explain above, I do not see a way to test if the camera is working or not. Sorry, but did not help me at all beyond where I was already stuck. The so-called camera setup consists of plugging on the camera’s USB cable. That is all. Once that is done, there is nothing further to help you figure out if it is working or not. This manual could be improved with better instructions.

I do not see a “Hello Camera” tab anywhere. Can you kindly be more specific with any assistance instructions?

check this picture for “Hello Camera” tab location.

My screen does not look the same as yours. It has “Camera Setup” as a tab and chapter topic, not “Hello Camera”. See attached image. There is nothing on there about verifying the camera’s functionality. Why is there such a discrepancy in the screens? More importantly, instead of just pointing me to the same page in the tutorial, what can I run ti verify that the camera is working that isn’t already contained in the meager text contained in this tutorial?

You can go through the tutorial, to find chapter “Hello Camera”, sorry about do not have environments, since
coronavirus epidemic in China, we work at home, so I can just point you where you can find info about how
to run camera.

There is no such tutorial as I have mentioned already several times there is no “Hello Camera” module in the lesson. Very sorry to hear about the virus isolation issue. However, the documentation could be way better, in any case.

Chapter “Hello Camera” is in another course, “Getting Started with AI on Jetson Nano”, here is the link for the
please go through this course to find chapter “Hello Camera”

Thank you for this additional information. However, does this mean I have to download and install a whole different image just to be able to access this piece within that separate course? If so, I cannot imagine why some test option wasn’t part of the “Camera Setup” part of the current course.

It seems the two courses use different images, and you can way down the course to chapter Recap to see what’s
each course is for, and then you can make a decision which should follow based on your needs,
btw, i go through “Getting Started with AI on Jetson Nano”, and you are using usb camera, seems this course is suitable for you, depends on you, just suggestion, and besides the course, you also can verify if camera device detected in your NANO, by opening a terminal and issue command lsusb to check if node exist for your camera.