Deeplearning on the jetsonnano and network structure for platooning

Hi, I am planning the platooning project.
I’m gonna use two Jetson Nano. But I have a question.
My plan was to have a server for deep learning computation. And then I thought about the network structure that sent data from the server to the follow car. But I wonder if it’s possible to do computational processing inside the Jetson Nano of the Leader’s car and send data to the Follow Car without a server.I really want you to answer that.

For communication, the easiest way is to add a wifi router.
The other way is to turn one nano into a wifi access point.
Wifi ap can be created with dnsmasq and hostapd. It is a general technique, so you can search on google for more details.
Both are accessible by local IP address.

Thank you your answer ! I have a one question
Can you tell me if you can do both deep learning computation and communication data transmission in Jetson Nano?

Yes, it can.
All you need to control the vehicle is steering and speed.
These are very small amounts of data.
There is only one trap. A lot of wifi is flying in places with a lot of people. In such places, communication will be lose.