DeepStream 1.5 metadata header has proprietary license, cannot be used


I want to use the DeepStream 1.5 plugins in our software on the TX2. I am instantiating the nvcaffe plugin in gstreamer and want to read the resulting bounding boxes from the generated metadata.

However, that requires me to include the headers gstnvivameta_api.h, nv_object_colors.h and nvosd.h from the nvgstiva_app sources, since they contain the definitions of the underlying C structs of the metadata. Except for nvosd.h, these header files contain the following prohibitive license:


  • Copyright © 2017, NVIDIA CORPORATION. All rights reserved.
  • NVIDIA Corporation and its licensors retain all intellectual property
  • and proprietary rights in and to this software, related documentation
  • and any modifications thereto. Any use, reproduction, disclosure or
  • distribution of this software and related documentation without an express
  • license agreement from NVIDIA Corporation is strictly prohibited.


How do I get permission from NVidia to use these headers? Is there a version of these headers that has a less restrictive license? Is the intention of NVidia that you cannot use DeepStream in a product?

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