Deepstream 2.0 require 396 driver

as we can see, Deepstream 2.0 requires 396 driver,
but now,
My computer has three 1080ti and one P4,
I want to try deepstream with my P4,
P4 supports 396 driver and deepstream 2.0 require 396 driver,but 1080ti only supports 390 drier,
I want to test deepstream with P4 and get the video output with 1080ti,
if there anything I have done wrong?
Thanks for your time and look for your reply.

Does 396.** driver can not support display with your 1080?as i know,many nvidia driver is unified for kinds series of nvidia cards,except
some old card can only use legacy driver.

what you said is accutually right,
thanks for your reply again,
that helps a lot