Deepstream 2 on P40/Ubuntu issue - frames in a wrong order

I am using Deepstream2 on P40 with Ubuntu.
When running on some mp4 files the order of frames I see at the output is wrong in the beginning and at the end of the video file.

Are you familiar with this issue ? Any way to avoid it ?

Thanks, Simon.


Can you share your video mp4 file? Can you give more details about which frames are disordered.
Did you try it on Deepstream 3.0 ?

  • I will check if I have a file that I can share
  • In the beginning of the video the frames are dropped (about 1 - 2 seconds of video)
    In the end of the video the frames are repeated

For example, this would be a possible sequence of frames in the output (assuming 1 frame per second)


  • I have not tried DS3 - it will take some time to port our code. Will it solve the problem ?

It looks the stream problem.
You can also download nvidia video codec sdk 8.2
And use the appDec sample to dump YUV to check.