Deepstream 360 failed to run


I’m currently deploying and bulding deepstream 360-smart parking application ( on alienware 1080ti. I can able to install nvidia docker and respective docker containers, meanwhile respective all services has been started well. In that case, when i try to run inside docker image, i have issue like broker connection failed but i configured. Please help me to resolve this issue; is there missing any configuration?

root@f89d5b691775:~# deepstream-360d-app -c DeepStream360d_Release/samples/configs/deepstream-360d-app/source10_gpu0.txt 
HostName : f89d5b691775
No protocol specified
** ERROR: <main:351>: Failed to set pipeline to PAUSED
App run failed

Hi Varun_Rathinam,

Please refer to this thread:

Yeah its works fine!!!. I can able resolve by export DISPLAY=:1.0. But i can’t able see the output window. Im trying to run perception server sample video file. I doesn’t show up.